Sunday, October 18, 2009

LAVA in Perth


this must be the nicest review we have ever had for a talk...:


"Happy Architecture Week Perth-ites. I just got back from the Institute’s Chris Bosse (LAVA) talk – absolutely brilliant! He was so so so good, a real inspiration. I really wish they had have made the tickets cheaper – i reckon you could have easily got quite a few hundred young architects, students and other interested people to come along – and they would not be disappointed. Its great that Perth managed to get such an awesome talent to come over here, even if he is just here for a few days. I really enjoyed hearing the way LAVA explore the concepts of space, functionality, beauty, structure and atmosphere as being essential ingredients to all their design explorations.

LAVA get a lot of their inspiration from nature and use computer modelling and calculation tools quite extensively to work through different options as solutions are investigated. Chris went through the design of the Beijing Olympic Water Cube Project. Quite amazing, the 6 000 bubbles are made up of 22 000 individually sized and individually load-calculated steel members. And there are so many integrated environmental principles, like the insulated but openable walls and ceilings, and great amounts of natural light, and its also a very functional building for the swimming competition users.

And that was just the first half hour…i could go on about them all night. If you ever get a chance to listen to any of the LAVA crew talk about their work please go, they are great!

Oh and anyone who hasn’t checked out their Masdar City Centre proposal – check it out, its beautiful!"

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I could not agree more. The lecture was inspirational.