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LAVA designs screens for Schiavello

6 August 2010

LAVA designs screens for Schiavello

Soap bubbles, coral reefs and trees will soon be at an office near you.

Chris Bosse has created a series of distinctive geometric desk screens for Climate, a new office furniture system produced by Schiavello. LAVA’s three Climate screens, with matching office supplies, will be launched at Saturday in Design in Melbourne on Saturday 07 August 2010.

Drawing on the design and structures of trees, soap bubbles, coral reefs and spider webs they bring a quirky yet practical feature to the workplace.

“Inspired by the efficiency and beauty in nature’s geometries, we created a playful sliding screen that allows the porosity or openness to be controlled, providing flexibility in creating work spaces,” says Bosse.

“Developed using a digital workflow, the sliding animates the screens and allows them to create additional patterns, in line with the LAVA philosophy of creating more with less.”


Climateƒ is Schiavello’s latest answer to future workplace design. The holistic approach shapes a new work scene that promotes empowerment, collaboration and diversity within the workplace. Five designers were commissioned to design elements: LAVA, fashion designers Akira Isogawa and Melbourne-based S!X (Denise Sprynskyj & Peter Boyd), and Italian colour and textiles designer Giulio Ridolfo.

Bosse will also collaborate with other Climate designers to create an improvised installation on Saturday 07 August 2010.

The showcase spaces at Saturday in Design reference previous LAVA architectural projects: 

1. LAVA reef – is bright orange, recalling the Digital Origami Tigers which fused ancient Chinese lantern making methods with origami and the latest digital design and fabrication technology.

2. LAVA forest - the lime green membrane of Green Void replicated the structure of a tree with minimal surface tension.

Designed with the end user in mind, Climate grows organically with the user’s needs thanks to its highly intelligent malleable design that allows teams and individuals to adjust their space quickly .

Saturday in Design

9.00am to 5.00pm, Saturday 07 August 2010

Schiavello Showroom

31-49 Queensbridge Street, Southbank, Melbourne 3006


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