Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computational design talks at LAVA

Our three speakers this time are: Stuart.Bull from Arup, Verena Hoch from Zaha Hadid Architects, and Matthew Austin from LAVA.
Stuart will talk briefly about the use of multiple software including Generative Components, Rhino, Bentley Structures and Tekla Structures to deliver one of the spectacular structures, the Art & Science Museum by Moshe Safdie, within Singapore’s new Integrated Resort at Marina Bay. If time allows a brief presentation on the new bolted stone art installation within the botanical gardens by renowned stone sculptor Chris Booth, using Rhino to create the complex models of the layered stone stratas and fabrication level models.
ZHA's stone towers
Verena Hoch will be talking about about the fa├žade design development of cairo stone towers and Bonn Symphony Hall competition
Matthew Austin will talk about a recent LAVA project (the Astana railway station competition) in respect to how MEL scripting and the Rhinoceros toolset were used to negotiate design outcomes, structural efficiency and the digital fabriation process.
the Talks are part of the series organised by Ben Doherty of BVN <>

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