Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Masdar city centre features in German school program

The city centre of Masdar in the UAE, designed by LAVA, is featured in a new brochure on sustainability designed for school children in Germany. 

The brochure shows visions of the city of the future, and explores land use, energy supply, climate change, biodiversity, mobility, urban planning, demographic change and social integration as the challenges facing sustainable development.

Masdar city centre is presented as a Post-Oil City in a section focussing on urban utopias and trial cities across the globe.

Designed for school kids it is used in the context of education for sustainable development and was published as a special issue for the city Department for Environment, Climate and Energy Economics, Baden-Wuerttemberg. 


  1. This is really inspiring news. Dubai has always been a leader in innovation and responsible behavior.
    I believe that the attempt to show children a model role in sustainable behavior can set a milestone for future generations.
    I searched the web a little and lots of companies are now focusing on developing new technologies and changing the appearance of big cities. Siemens, for instance, has just launched a new website in the UAE:

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  3. I am really glad to see the UAR doing something to counteract the sometimes over-indulgent tendencies that plague a country with an over surplus of wealth, especially wealth from oil. For instance, the massive city they created on material dredged up from the sea floor in the shape of a giant incredibly damaging to the ocean environment and a HUGE wast of energy resources... and "indoor skiing"?!?!? How much energy is required to create snow in the desert? It would be great to see a trend toward responsible development there continue!

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