Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LAVA Desklight in MILANO SALONE 2011


LAVA was chosen by Wallpaper* magazine to create a light in collaboration with Philips, the global leader in lighting. The lamp, EVOLUTION, was on display at Handmade during the Milan Design Fair in April.

Chris Bosse, Asia Pacific Director of LAVA said: ‘the challenge was to re-imagine an object that everybody knows, to break up preconceived ideas. The playful reinterpretation of a sculptural table lamp resembles a plant rather than a desk light’

Rogier van der Heide, Chief Design Officer at Philips Lighting, said: "With the EVOLUTION desk light, Chris Bosse of LAVA has created a new design language in luminaire design. The desk light is also a great representation of Philips’ people-focused approach to lighting: a friendly product, based on a humanistic design concept while delivering state of the art LED technology, all of this in a very attractive way. The design posed many technical challenges such as thermal management and a complex double curved shape  - however, close collaboration between LAVA and Philips has ensured that the EVOLUTION lamp exceeded our expectations in terms of design and engineering.”

EVOLUTION is inspired by the growth in plants. LAVA’s design and architectural concepts emulate the structural principles of nature such as cells and leaves in order to be more efficient - lighter, stronger, and ultimately more beautiful.

LAVA imagines the design at many scales, from a living room lamp of human height to a desk light.

LAVA has designed a number of furniture and lighting objects on various scales. ‘But design in that sense is scale-less, the scale can be transferred up and down. The organisational pattern of a leaf can be the same as that underlying a plan for an entire city,’ adds Bosse.

The Handmade show at the Brioni Palazzo celebrated collaboration with leading international designers, manufacturers and craftsmen creating a unique collection - cape suits, jet seats, bottled books, a very modern makeup kit, a pop-up barbers shop and a lunch box.

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