Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Experiments outside the box

An eco city in Abu Dhabi and a smart 'home' on the rooftop of a Beijing mall are just two of LAVA’s visionary experiments.

Chris Bosse will speak on architectural innovation, invention, experiment and failure at the Experimental Arts Conference on Saturday 20 August 2011 at UNSW in Sydney.

Bosse’s talk is: MORE WITH LESS: Digital cathedrals and the ecocity of the 21st century

Bosse joins leading artists and design thinkers at the National Institute for Experimental Arts’ (NIEA) Conference to look at the experimental age, an age where ‘experiments are no longer conducted just in the laboratory’. Bruno Latour, 2004.

LAVA’s experiments outside the 'lab' include:
1.   The city centre of Masdar in the UAE - the world’s first zero carbon, zero waste city powered entirely by renewable energy sources – with sunflower umbrellas providing the first mediated outdoor space in the middle east. LAVA won an international competition to design the city centre.
2.  A Home of the Future integrates smart technology with a space that embraces nature under an ETFE geodesic sky dome providing a year-round microclimate. Located on the rooftop of a new furniture mall in Beijing, China it will be a showcase for future living, with nature, technology and man in a new harmony.

The Conference will look at: What is experimentation and what makes art ‘experimental’?  What are the results of aesthetic experiments and why do we need them? Could artists invent new modes of experimentation with/for science? What are the differences between experiments and inventions; experiments and failures; experiment and innovation?

The NIEA at UNSW is an experimental research facility integrating the College of Fine Arts' research centres, groups and galleries.

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